Workshop Leaders

Jack Bridges

Jack came to Hull to study at the University of Hull and is now a singing teacher at the Albermarle Music Centre and Tranby School. He’s also a workshop leader and conductor
of Hull Community Voices, Humber Harmony and Three Crown Sound


Debra Darmody

Born and brought up in Hull, Debbie came to singing later in life and joined Hull Community Voices five years ago, partly to help with the stress of work. It was a revelation to her just how beautiful a sound can be made with a small group of voices in harmony and she quickly discovered a love of music from around the world.

In 2017, she took the plunge and went on a week long residential training course with the Natural Voice Network, learning more about the practice of teaching unaccompanied singing to groups. Having no previous musical training, this has been a steep learning curve but Debbie revels in the enjoyment of hearing the group harmonising and seeing the joy that others get from singing together.