Summer news.

With a very enjoyable end-of-term party behind us (many thanks to Paula Ryan for the lovely entertainment and of course to Cath and Suresh for their wonderful hosting), we are now looking forward to the year ahead.

This is the outline programme for next session. We will send out a separate schedule of the tutors as soon as we have finalised diaries. Jack and Ilina will be our regular session leaders with our guest tutors in between. The format seemed to work well in what has been an exceptionally successful year. Thanks to everyone who has helped make it so.
Included in the programme are two workshops. Another session with Chechelele. We had such a good time last year. The format was an afternoon workshop with an evening performance that we joined in with. This year we have Kardomah94 for the whole time. The other workshop is Ali Bullivent with an African workhop, same venue, same format. They will be great.
We plan to sing Christmas Carols at the residential homes in December which is always very rewarding. We have in the past taken part in the Amnesty concert but we haven’t got a date yet. Last year it was October 11th which is very early in the term to organise so we may ask for a quick response. We should have our posh new website fully functional by then. We welcome Jill to the committee as she has ‘volunteered’ to get the website up to speed!
Think that’s all. Have a great summer.
Cath, on behalf of Val, Debbie, Ros, Rosie, Sue and Jill.

Programme Autumn 2015:
10-Sep-15         Thursday meeting
17-Sep-15         Thursday meeting
24-Sep-15        Thursday meeting
1-Oct-15           Thursday meeting with AGM
3-Oct-15           Saturday workshop: Chechelele pm and evening
8-Oct-15           Thursday meeting
15-Oct-15         Thursday meeting
22-Oct-15         Thursday meeting
29-Oct-15         Half-term
5-Nov-15          Thursday meeting
12-Nov-15        Thursday meeting
19-Nov-15        Thursday meeting
26-Nov-15       Thursday:  Christmas lights turn on
28-Nov-15        Saturday workshop: Ali Bullivent pm and evening
3-Dec-15          Thursday meeting
10-Dec-15        Thursday meeting
17-Dec-15        Thursday meeting
20-Dec-15        Sunday:  Carol singing residential homes