Zoom adventures

Whilst we cannot meet in person, for the last month or two we have been keeping in touch by weekly Zoom sessions . Unless there is a dramatic change in the current situation, this is set to continue for the rest of the term, with hopefully some sessions in the holidays.  A typical week has a good turn-out and we enjoy exercising our vocal chords together – but from within our own space.

Members receive a  weekly email detailing the sign in  and what we are singing.  The process is fairly easy once you have downloaded the software.  If anyone hasn’t attended up until now, please just jump in and have a go.  We’d be pleased to see you!

In addition, some of choir have been involved in recording a backing track for KCOM’s first ever TV advert.  It was a completely different way of working for us, but the results are pleasing and now out there for all to see and hear.  The link to the ad is :    https://youtu.be/DgaSmBi_RpI

As the summer progresses there may be more information on when we can meet as a group.  Until then, if anyone is interested in becoming a new member, fill in the contact form and when the situation changes we can get in touch with you.